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Beverage of the day: Redskin Flavoured Vodka

30 Jan

Although the pictures show it all, let me set the scene: it’s a hot, lazy Saturday and we have excess vodka to play with. After some hasty internet searching, we reluctantly dragged ourselves into the heat and to the local store, and bought a big ol’ bag of redskins. I can’t say I’ve had them since childhood- I have a fond memory of one nearly ripping out my tooth once.. hopefully I won’t make that mistake again!

It’s simple, really: the redskins are broken up and stuffed into an empty bottle of choice, and vodka (I used Smirnoff 50% export strength just because it was there, however any vodka will work just as well) is poured in with the redskins. It’s then shaken and left for a few days, or until fully dissolved.

What we ended up with after a few days is the dissolved redskin vodka (tasty), and a layer of all the solids from the redskin (bleh!) on the top of the bottle. We carefully strained the liquid several times through some cotton (muslin like material, something fine to catch all of the unwanted scum!) and we were left with a final product: a clear, vibrant red liquid that looks quite delicious!

After much excitement (and chilling of the vodka) we mixed some with lemonade- and my goodness, it was delicious! Surprisingly the lemonade and redskin mix was not too sweet at all, in comparison it was very refreshing taste. In summary, it was an enlightening beverage experience.. and all teeth remained intact!

tasty redskin vodka